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Monday, February 8, 2010

Things that make you go hmm..

I'd have loved to start off this blog with a proper piece of writing that was both witty and insightful. However, its about 5 am, and I need to wake up earlyish tomorrow, to watch the cricket (btw, the Ind-SA match thats on at the moment might be the biggest challenge to end Dhoni's unbeaten run as Test's hoping that it lasts just a little bit longer :-)

ANYways, I made a promise to someone that I'd start writing posts TONIGHT, so I'm gonna cheat a bit, and just mention a few random things that were on my mind, bubbling around the surface.

Havent had a chance to play any basketball at all since I came back home...hopefully that'll change now that I've bought some shiny new bball shoes :-D

A sign that you're getting older (which I've just discovered) is that an amount of alcohol that isnt enough to get you seriously drunk, is still enough to give you a serious hangover...that seems really unfair somehow.

Chennai has very little to occupy free time unless you want to go out to eat or drink, and absolutely NOTHING to offer that isnt massively overcrowded. Wish I could go back to that time in high school when we used to pick quiet, fun places to hang out in, and then leave just as it got popular with everyone else, so we could move on to the next one.

This is something I'll probably touch on again sooner or later, because its a pet peeve, but it seems that every time I turn around, there's the local or national authorities putting more and more restrictions on us... most of which are squarely aimed at people in our approximate age group. Cant stand the whole moral policing nanny state that we seem to suddenly live in, but more on that another day.

Going to be moving to Bangalore soon, and quite looking forward to it. Aside from the fun friends I've got there, and hopefully a design job, I've always had a special affinity for B'lore that I havent had for any other city I've been to in India. And this despite the fact that I've barely lived there at all, and was too young to remember those times anyways. Maybe its something to do with being born there?

And finally now that we're done with the Noughties...what exactly are we calling this decade? I'd like to go with the Teenies and/or the Elevenses

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