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Friday, February 12, 2010

In today's top stories

Havent had a chance to write anything for a day or two, since I had no electricity during the day, and was away from my pc during the night...couple of things that I wanted to write about at some point, but I havent had time to frame them properly yet, so I'll get on to those later. Right now, a few linked news stories, and a couple of thoughts...

Firstly, as I made it a tradition while I was at college to get the new Sports Illustrated calendar every year, I'm probably more familiar with their models and locations than many. One of the glaring omissions had always seemed to be the fact that there were never any Indians, or Indian locations used for the photoshoots- which is strange considering that they must have had models and locales from just about everywhere else. Finally though, there's an Indian in the swimsuit issue, so let there be much rejoicing....if only they'd picked a prettier one...ah well, maybe next time.

I'm not yet really sold on Google Buzz, and from the sound of things, I'm not the only one. I get the attraction of converging everything into a single service, but so far, never seen a service that could actually do it all, and do it well. Of course, I could be completely wrong on this, and maybe Buzz will turn out to be the bee's knees (sorry, couldnt resist that one :-p )

And finally, this Nasa video from The Onion just made me laugh out loud. Bit long, but its worth it :-D

Aight, that'll do for now... another update as soon as I can (be bothered)

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  1. I do agree that the Indian model used for the issue is not even close to being the best. In my books that a 2/10(for models) :)

    Google Buzz- it has a bit more functionality, similar to the news feed page of FB and it is cool that you can integrate twitter and other similar tools with one click.. I believe it wont be too long before we get sick of these things and that day might be very near.. I have heard people having to delete their FB profiles since it has them distracted way too much..